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The West Virginia Wilderness: A Photographic Study and Conservation View

The photographic images are designed to inspire the viewer to conserve and preserve wild places.
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Table of Contents

  1. The WV Wilderness Conservation Print Collection
  2. Mountain Light Collection
  3. Seasons in the West Virginia Highlands
  4. Special Places in the WV Potomac Highlands
    1. Dolly Sods Wilderness
    2. Bear Rocks Preserve
    3. Canaan Valley
    4. Blackwater Canyon
    5. Smoke Hole Canyon
    6. North Fork Mountain, Pike Knob, Panther Knob
    7. Seneca Rocks and the Potomac River
    8. Spruce Knob and Spruce Lake
    9. Otter Creek Wilderness
    10. Cheat Canyon
    11. Cranberry Glades and Cranberry Wilderness
    12. New River Gorge
    13. Beartown
    14. Elk River Dries
    15. Cranesville Swamp
    16. Greenbrier River
    17. Allegheny Front and Eastern Continental Divide
  5. General Habitats
    1. Evergreen Forests
    2. Wet Western Forests
    3. Eastern Dry Forests
    4. Highland Bogs and Wetlands
    5. Heather and Balds
    6. Creeks and Rivers
    7. WV Caves
  6. Wildlife
  7. Plant Life and Wild Flowers
  8. Winter in the Alleghenys
  9. WV Highland Panoramas
  10. Special Focus Themes
    1. Waterfalls in the WV Highlands
    2. Trees
    3. Frosted Tundra-like Plants
    4. Mushrooms
    5. Lichens
    6. Macro Nature Images
    7. Reflections
    8. Weather
    9. Art in Nature
    10. People in Nature
    11. Along Country Roads
    12. After Sunset and Before Sunrise
    13. WV photographed in Black & White
    14. WV photographed in Infrared

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