Highland Bogs and Wetlands

Kent Mason, Photographer / Conservationist

Bogs and wetlands occur at elevations ranging from 2,000 feet to over 4,500 feet in the WV Allegheny Mountains. Since these are very old well erroded mountains without sheer peaks, the highest ridges and mountain tops tend to be rather broad and often fairly flat. Plant life varies significantly at different elevations which results in very diverse natural areas. Bogs at the higher elevations with boreal climates contain plant life found in Canada. Bogs occur in flat, wet, poorly drained areas where mosses (generally sphagnum moss) thrive, die and over time accumulate peat many feet thick. Highly specialized plants like sundew, pitcher plant, and cotton grass plants are found in these bogs. This gallery provides a visual tour of many WV Allegheny bogs and wetlands.