Cranberry Glades and Cranberry Wilderness

Kent Mason, Photographer / Conservationist

The Cranberry Wilderness is 47,815 acres with an elevation range from 2,400 feet along the Williams river to 4,556 feet at the top of Black Mtn. This wilderness is Southwest of Cannan Valley and Dolly Sods in central WV. The most notable feature of this area is the Cranberry Glades Botanical Area which is a 750 acre cluster of peat bogs that are adjacent to the wilderness.These boreal type bogs are home to high elevation plant life found in Maine and Canada. The peat is more tha10 feet thick and under a layer of cranberry, sphagnum moss, sundew, pitcher plants and the like. The "Glades" are a National Natural Landmark and the subject of extensive scientific study. This gallery is a visual tour of the Glades along with images of the wilderness.